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Antoine de Pluvinel

1555 -

Antoine de Pluvinel was born in Crest, Dauphiné, France, in 1555. He was the riding instructor of King Louis XIII of France. Although he was educated according to the Neapolitan riding school under Giovanni Pignatelli, which is known for using an extremely sharp bit and set the tone for the Italian style of horse-breaking with its strict, forceful methods, Pluvinel is considered one of the most important proponents of non-violent horse-breaking methods.
His practices rest on understanding the character of the horse and motivating the animal's cooperation through patience and praise. These methods promote the efficiency and life expectancy of the horse. He is the inventor of the pilar and author of the book "Le Manége Royal." Antoine de Pluvinel died on August 24, 1620, in Paris.

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